Qualifing Final February 17

Benalla v Wodonga at YMGCR

M. Robertson won 36/11

S. McMahon lost 20/23

C. Cooney won 24/22

R. Mitchell won 21/17

Benalla won 101/73 and go straight into the Grand Final

Elimination Final February 17

Benalla B1 v Yarrawonga at Wangaratta

H, Dartman won 22/21

M. Sellars won 23/21

G.Yates lost 25/27

Benalla won 70/69 after an extra an extra end play off and now advance to the Prelim final, and will play Tungamah venue TBA

Eliminantion Final February 17

Benalla B2 v Corowa Services at Wangaratta 

J. Tabe lost 16/29

G. Watt won 32/19

M. Tilbury won 28/23

Benalla won 76/71 and now advance to the Prelim Final and will Play Mansfield venue TBA